Thursday, January 6, 2011

I got a Mastercard worth five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars?

One more scam just landed in my e-amil...let read it together...


From: FedEx Courier Service (
Sent: Monday, 3 Jan, 2011 10: 27 AM

Dear Customer/Beneficiary!
Kindly contact our delivery department with the details
Given below: FedEx Courier Express NG©
Contact Person: Dr Solange Rasheed
Telephone: +234-7053095992

Reasons: This is due to the fact that we are in possession
Of your Package containing a master card worth of five
Hundred Thousand United State Dollars that was registered
With us by the Master Card Award Team for shipment to you,
You are to act fast by providing your postal address and
Your direct phone number to enable us makes the delivery ASAP.

Note that as soon as our Delivery Team confirms your
Informations, it will take only two working days (48 hours)
For your package to arrive your designated address. For your
Information, the Mail, VAT & Shipping fees have been paid by
the Award Promo will only have to pay a sum of
$70.00 to the FedEx Courier Department being full payment
For the Security Keeping Fee of the FedEx Courier as stated
In our privacy terms & condition page.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Fredika Young©
COPYRIGHT © 2011 MasterCard®.


p/s: Just delete this kind of message..It scam...You want to know about scam?Read it here...


Ayeem Jemain said...

amil zakat tu ke apa? hahaha

Robot | Sakti said...

belanja r.

kai azmier said...

pelik2 org sekarang.. mcm benda pelik nak tipu kita.. nak kata pandai pun salah..

Shino said...

aim: ahaha...xde mknenye...

robot: bereh2...bleh je...klu bleh duit btul la...

kai azmier: 2 la psl...x hbs2 nk mnipu org...haish...e-mail2 cmni sgt bhye tuk org yg bru knal tenet ni...

syuwai said...

eii.. ni wat semak kat email jew.. sudah la penuh ngan en. n0ti dr fb, dpt lg email mcm ni..

bnyk style lg d0rang mnipu ni o.0.. b'careful !

Shino said...

syuwai: Yup...btul 2...skg ni, mcm2 cara da org wt...

phreak-id said...

tu la pasal. yang aku perasan gmail aku lagi byk email gini dari email yahoo aku. email yahoo byk promosi viagra. grrrr

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Shino said...

phreak-id: ahaha...ak pun byk gk dpt spam 2...byk giler kt...hahaha..

daylachan said...

ade orang die exited trus je accept..woah bahye2

Izzan Salwana said...


Sham said...

ada gak yang pecaya benda2 camni...pelik tul...