Monday, December 27, 2010

Alternative remedy for dengue

I just got an e-mail from my friend about an alternatif remedy for dengue.

Dengue is getting more and more serious recently. As of 17 December 2010, there were already 45, 037 cases reported and 133 deaths. Dengue virus is capable to decrease the platelet level in your body to 0 (Note: 0 platelet in body is fatal and can cause death!)

Below are a few alternative remedies that proven effective (my brother was down with dengue last month, after taking these remedies, his platelet level increases drastically and was discharged the second time he consumed them!)

1. Toad simmer with small bittergourd (田鸡炖小苦瓜) – this is the most effective among all

2. Blended papaya leaves with honey (木瓜叶汁加蜜糖) – should not add water

3. Raw arrow root juice (粉葛汁) - should not add water

4. Crab soup (螃蟹汤) – make sure crab is clean properly otherwise will cause food poisoning

5. Orange juice (橙汁) – can only drink by the patient that DO NOT suffer diarrhea (preliminary stage)

6. Watermelon (西瓜) - can only drink by the patient that DO NOT suffer diarrhea (preliminary stage)

7. Red dates juice(红枣水) – replace drinking water, meaning just drink red dates juice instead of water

8. 100 plus – again, not every patient can drink, should try 1 glass first, if diarrhea/vomit, should stop drinking

Attached are the photos of the small bittergourd, arrow roots, red dates and 河猪枣 (in case some of you don’t know what is that)

arrow root

Bitter Gourd

red dates


I'd also heard that a certain part of porcupine (河猪枣/箭猪枣/豪猪枣) - which is actually kind of like "batu karang" inside the porcupine's body, this is believed to have cured many terminally ill patients. However, it's a superbly expensive thing that you can buy from the herbal shops - Kedai Ubat Cina, a +-10grams of it may cost up to RM500-RM1000 depends on its quality!

Please help spread the words and save life!

p/s: certain things in this email was written in chinese as I don't know what it's called in English/Malay, anyway, u can still Google about the information. :-)



Kenix is my ex-classmate...thanx kenix for sharing this information...


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