Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to join .001, .002, .003 file format using command prompt.

I know many of my blog readers love to download right?Which website is your download centre?For me, I usually goes to or you can download from the list here:

Most of movie that I download here is using movie.001,movie.002 format. They split the file so that the size can be reduce for each file. They use hjsplit to split the file and after you download the file, you also can use command prompt for windows operating system.

Firstly, you have to open the command prompt. window>run
type "cmd" and enter

Second, go to where you download the file.
for me, I put my download file in download folder.
I type "cd C:\Users\Shino\Downloads" and enter

Third, copy the file name and then, type "copy /b "movieName.avi.001"+"movieName.avi.002" "movieName.avi"" and enter.

Wait until window finish join your file.



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